LE:60's 1-Minute Film Fest

Posted on August 12, 2008 Under Life

In every major urban center in North America, it's not hard to find some form of outdoor public art. Its usually a large abstract sculpture with a bunch of people sitting around it eating lunch. Going beyond the static and structural into the animated and mobile, Lumen Eclipse is an ongoing public art project looking to add some kick to the idea of accessible public art by creating free, outdoor, contemporary motion art.

For over two years Lumen Eclipse has been creating outdoor video art installations, drawing crowds as well as big name collaborators like Yoko Ono, Michel Gondry, Encyclopedia Pictura, Miranda July and more. This year they're casting the net for talent even farther with their first annual LE:60 1-Minute Film Fest. Building on their mission of bringing genre-bending new film work to the masses, each 60-second short will be screened outdoors at Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA.

LE:60 is still open for submissions, but the deadline for entries is close (September 2). With the entry fee a mere $10 and some sweet prizes from Adobe and Red Giant up for grabs, you can't afford not to. After all, it'll only take a minute.