Liz Wolfe Relaunch

Posted on July 17, 2008 Under Art

Anytime photographer Liz Wolfe releases new work, you know it's going to be a good day. But when she revamps her website and launches a new online store, that's even better.

We've had our eye on Wolfe for a while. In her latest work she continues to explore the visual and emotional interplay of creatures and confections. Cute and vile simultaneously, her photos are always a surprise. Innocent at first glance, each pieces shifts upon closer inspection, and what you see isn’t really what it seems.

In "Meat Tree", plasticine rainbows, rough and seemingly made by a child, sit like fruit inside a round tree made not of branches, but of ground beef. In "Diseased Deer", a smiling, pure white proto-Bambi sits on a bed of yellow flowers. Its affliction? A rash of candy confetti. Wolfe is an expert not only at creating visually arresting images, but of layering her subjects so that you always have to look twice. In each photo, despite it's candy-coated veneer, there is something more devious rippling beneath the surface.

In her new online store, two new miniphoto collections are now up for grabs. Focusing on two main themes of her work, "Sugar" and "Creature" each contain 10 6"x8" archive prints. Conversation inducing and featuring Wolfe's signature acid-bright colours, now you can have a little piece of Liz Wolfe in every room. Sweet.