We’ve been Jawbone fans since the beginning, even back in 2004 when the first non-bluetooth version launched. Creating the “best bluetooth headset ever” and “sexiest way to talk” wasn’t enough for Yves Behar, so he had to go on and create a line of ridiculously sexy limited edition headsets shown above — we approve. Gold is for sweet talk, black is for dirty talk, white is for trash talk.

They were made in a *very* limited quantity, so these will no doubt dry up quickly (and you can’t buy them anywhere). Good thing I secured a set of them here at TED to give away to you, my fellow readers, right?

But I’m not going to let go of them easily, here are the rules:

The best sweet talk to me gets the gold adorned sweet talk headset, dirty talk, gets the sexy black dirty talk version, and trash talk (talk trash) gets the coveted shiny white trash talk version. Leave your dirty, sexy, and trash talk in the comments for me, and have fun. (FYI: comments below may be a liiiiitle NSFW. Just a heads up.)
Full product shots after the jump, courtesy of fuseproject

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