lululemon athletica

Posted on March 12, 2007 Under Fashion

About seven years ago, a man by the name of Chip Wilson got pissed off at the current state of yoga clothing. In those days, things were breezy, cottony, and perfect for a few mellow sun salutations, but as soon as the aspiring yogi started to sweat, the situation turned sticky. No one was making yoga threads that were appropriate for the more strenuous power yoga that was gaining in popularity, and classes were packed with people desperately wishing to be naked. Thankfully, Chip decided to remedy the situation in a classic yogi manner (solve the problem through positive change) and opened the first lululemon athletica store in Vancouver in November of 2000. Boulder was recently blessed with our own lululemon, and I can not get enough of the line which has now expanded to include athletic wear for all kinds of endeavors. From what I can tell, the secrets to lululemon’s incredible fit and feel are some exclusive fabric blends and a pre-wash that ensures what you buy will looks the same way after plenty of use. A flat-seam on everything makes for super-comfortable extended workouts (I run half marathons in this stuff; it’s awesome), and the dedicated staff seems to know everything about everything, making finding exactly what you need a breeze (online descriptions are right on too). Other perks include pants that make for an incredible rear view and amazing relaxation wear.