Lykke Li

Posted on June 11, 2008 Under Music

lykkeli.jpg Rarely does a new musical artist grab me by the heart and stop me in my tracks. Stockholm’s young and gorgeous Lykke Li wins the prize– I’m floored. Talented, humble, delicate, and even dare I say visionary. Her music is eerie, warming, and thought provoking– and so incredibly mature for such a young person. Be sure to listen to Window Blues, and Little Bit– two of my favorites. Her new album Youth Novels isn’t available online in the Americas yet but you can grab it, shipped to your mailbox here.

You can however nab the Little Bit EP on iTunes pictured, or enjoy several other tracks on her full-of-content Myspace page for free. Looks like she’s on tour through England, western Europe and all over Scandinavia over the next few months. I’ll be making one of her shows and will probably be patiently waiting outside on one knee to propose. I love you Lykke Li.