There are a wealth of laptop accessories on the market these days, and they all have one thing in common: they’re built for business and travel. Mike and Maaike, the talented San Francisco based design duo, have identified this common thread in the laptop accessories market and have ingeniously separated themselves from the pack by designing a new ‘Laptop at Home’ line for Belkin. The CushTop, PocketTop, and Sleeve Top products address the challenges of using a laptop at home, which happen to be very different than challenges realized when using a laptop away from home– factors like use in different locations around the house with different postures, increased desire for comfort, even fun and vibrant colors that you wouldn’t necessarily want the whole world to see but that are pleasing to you within the confines of your own home. Mike and Maaike have really hit the jackpot with these designs– a brilliant step ‘into the home’ for a market previously existing solely ‘on the road.’