Mulheres Barbadas: Sao Paulo

Posted on June 5, 2007 Under Art

Any artist who encourages me to take his/her art without having to exchange an amount equal to what I owe in student loans gets four stars in my lil’ book of People I Want to Know Forever. Mulheres Barbadas are a Sao Paulo-based duo who not only explicitly allow you to have their art, but they even suggest ways on to handle the loot. All you need is a printer and an Internet connection. The guys — not mulheres (“women” in Portuguese), it turns out — are art directors Henrique Lima and Julio Zuckerman, who take turns filling up a page with their cartoonish, irreverent drawings. They post their collabos on their site, where you can download them as big (or as small) as you want. Mulheres Barbadas’ latest creation is in the newest issue of the Brazilian independent design/pop culture mag Zupi, and it’s already on the site ready for taking. Steal away!