Musicovery: Smart Radio

Posted on November 22, 2006 Under Music

When Pandora came out, I was instantaneously addicted and I’m not afraid to admit it. I loved that I could type in a certain artist or song name, and it would analyze my choice and spit closely-fitted music back at me. Musicovery is like Pandora in the way that you are ultimately at the mercy of their algorithm or whatever their music choosing method is, but it allows you more discretion than Pandora. You can choose music by genre, era, popularity, dance beat, and by mood (by selecting a point on a four axis matrix blending dark, positive, energetic, and calm moods). Once you make your set your criteria, your playlist is displayed in an animated spider web-esque trail on your screen. I have been experimenting with Musicovery all morning, and it has definitely thrown me some great picks (more eclectic and international than I expected).