MWM 20/20

Posted on May 29, 2008 Under Art, Life

We can't get enough of the bold, clean work of design master and JoshSpear favorite Matt W. Moore. As the man behind MWM Graphics, we're not entirely sure where he finds the time to get as much done as he does, but we're not complaining.

His latest solo show, MWM 20/20, is up right now at ROJO Artspace in Barcelona. Exploring the collision of geometry and abstract art, his wall-sized works combine sleek lines with in your face color. No matter where you first gaze, your eye is always led on an optic trip to another point of focus. If you happen to be in Barcelona (and if you're heading there, please take us with you) now's your last chance as his show is running until the end of May. All good things come to an end, and you don't have much time left. So go "¦ now!

If you're not able to jet over to Spain, don't despair. His recently released hardcover book, MWM: Vectorfunk, is 160-pages of pure creative vector goodness. Featuring various works from his ongoing Vectorfunk geometric illustration series, the book gives you another glimpse into Moore's world of acid-bright color, symmetry, and light. Plus, it will look damn hot on your coffee table.