MWM Graphics Redesigned; Fully Loaded

Posted on September 27, 2007 Under Design

MWM is Matt W. Moore, a graphic designer who currently lives with his wife and son in the mountains of Vermont. We’ve written about MWM before in his capacity as one of the founders and curators of Wallspankers Magazine, but clearly there is so much more to see, including his work for a virtual who’s who of alternative marketing clients such as Scion, Ecko and Smart Car. There’s so much here that I can’t do the whole site justice, so I’m going to focus on one thing: mandalas. They are a common art form in Eastern religious traditions, perhaps most famously in Tibetan Buddhism where they are made out of sand to (speaking very simplistically) represent impermanence. MWM’s mandalas are certainly not as heavy as their religious counterparts, but they are breathtaking. Some are geometric like the Tibetan versions, while others are reminiscent of Kandinsky. And the nice thing about MWM’s work is that it’s on your computer, so it won’t blow away in the wind.