My 27th Birthday Wish

Posted on May 26, 2011 Under Life

The Playground Project directed by Libby Spears from Red Flag Magazine on Vimeo.

Wherever drugs are being sold, children are being sold. -Eileen Jacobs, FBI

It’s frightening, and it’s not just an international issue.  At any given time there are 300,000 children being trafficked in the USA.  The awareness about this topic is so strikingly low that I’ve decided to use my birthday to raise money for the Nest Foundation.

My friend Libby Spears created this compelling documentary, originally she was in Southeast Asia following stories of human trafficking, but the stories continued to lead back to our own American cities. Watch the trailer and you’ll be horrified to hear that this is an epidemic America is facing– but not discussing at all. Through her incredible work she’s already begun to change laws, raise awareness and save lives. I want you to help me help her change the course of history.

My birthday wish this year is simple.  Dig deep, and donate whatever you can.  My goal is huge– but every dollar counts.

Three things your money will help with:

1. Helps spread awareness of the thousands of children that go missing every year by supporting the Playground Project films release.

2. Fights for legislation to protect children who have been trafficked.

3. Helps secure beds for at risk youth across America.

Please help me fight child trafficking in the USA by donating to this campaign.