The above image is by Chris Jordan and depicts 11,000 jet trails, equal to the number of commercial flights in the US every eight hours. I realize I am in some way apart of the problem. I guess the next thing to do is start offsetting my carbon more often. Tips welcome.

* indicates cities visited multiple times on non-consecutive days.

Amman, Jordan

Boulder, Colorado

Canton, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio

Cancun, Mexico*

Dalian, China

Davos, Switzerland

Dead Sea, Jordan

Denver, Colorado

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Hakone, Japan

Hong Kong, China*

Las Vegas, Nevada*

London, England*

Long Beach, California

Los Angeles, California

Macau, China

Miami, Florida

New York, NY*

Phoenix, Arizona

Sarasota, Florida*

Salt Lake City, Utah

San Francisco, California

Sedona, Arizona

Stamford, CT

Tokyo, Japan*

Vail, Colorado

Vancouver, British Columbia

Washington, D.C*

Zurich, Switzerland

Hat tip to Kottke and Amit for the idea again (my last year’s 2008 list has somehow disappeared though.) Once in a while I linked to  the reason behind my trip, although that got complicated quick.