Nau Spring 2007 Preview

Posted on November 7, 2006 Under Fashion

NauNau is almost here (god I love puns). Really though, Nau’s new website, complete with a preview of their Spring 2007 line (to be released in January), is making me excited to see what these clothes are all about. The goal of the Nau line is to blend beauty, performance, and sustainability into their garments, and from what I have seen so far, they’re sure to succeed with that goal. Nau’s website offers more than just a look at their upcoming line; it offers great organic online content like access to the Nau blog, to the Nau Collective, and to organizations that Nau has partnered with in their quest to develop an environmentally sustainable brand. It is great to see new clothing brands follow the Patagonia model– develop the garments in a responsible way, design them to be user-friendly and attractive looking, and then worry about the profits.

Via Coolhunting