New in The Beautiful/Decay Store: OUTLAW Print Co

Posted on April 4, 2008 Under Fashion

From past experience, we can tell you that the folks at Beautiful/Decay have a handle on all things hip and maybe even all things hop (hop is the new hip"¦you heard it here first) before they happen. Our last glance at their page basically revealed what tees we'd be sporting this spring, Seeing as we consider you our best buds, we thought we'd pass along a friendly fashion tip by pointing you towards the latest threads designed by OUTLAW Print Co., available in the Beautiful/Decay web store. The Philadelphia based company's line of sweet spring shirts are printed on ultra-soft American apparel shirts and adorned with dope designs such as Stay Weird and Anonymous Fury. However, unleashing your fury anonymously this spring might be a bit tough since everyone will be know you as the dude or dudette with the sweet shirts.