Rock N' Roll deity Mick Jagger once sang the words, "You can't always get what you want.” Justin Gignac and his girlfriend Christine, the masterminds behind Wants for Sale have shown the rock god to be fallible by proving the polar opposite to be true. As previously mentioned here, the couple paints the focus of their material and sometimes immaterial desires and offers said paintings up for sale at the face value of the very thing they are trying to obtain. Since we last visited with the couple they've managed to obtain everything from a slice a pizza to a David Ortiz Road Jersey; while they've yet to acquire financial stability, rent money or an iPhone, that hasn't stopped the duo from wanting more as they recently added a Nintendo Wii to their potential cache of consumer products. The site though isn't all greed for goodies, there's a charitable side as well. For $360, you can get a painting of a birthday cake and the money goes towards saving a kid in Africa or if you feel like spending less just tell Justin a good joke to buy the gift of laughter.