New Zune Originals

Posted on September 18, 2008 Under Art

When it comes to jazzing up your various personal devices, anyone can run to the mall and get some kind of jelly cover. Usually the art options range from low-res images of the Mona Lisa to the cast of South Park. Cute, but maybe not the trend-busting art-accessory you were hoping for.

Zune Originals takes customization to the next level by commissioning some of the world's hottest artists and graphic designs to create custom work specially designed for their players. Launched this week were new additions from the likes of Josh Spear-fave and Vectorfunk master MWM, Japanese illustrator and former game designer Ippei Gyoubu, French artist Rolito, and manga/art nouveau hybrid illustrator and visionary Aya Kato.

Each design is laser-engraved onto the metal backing and the screen displays a full-color version of the same piece. Slick. You might not be able to impress strangers with the tunes you're listening to, but you can show them you've got an eye for hot art.