Nike 6.0 Explorer Pack

Posted on July 29, 2009 Under Fashion


You’re getting a super sneak peek at Nike 6.0’s neat space-themed Explorer Pack scheduled for release in January 2010, though we wish it were coming out now ’cause of all the moon-landing anniversary talk in the air that has us feeling space-y. The Nike 6.0 team went to NASA HQ to get inspired for the design of the collection, even going so far as to tap astronaut Buzz Aldrin to help devise the galaxy print. It adorns everything from the Galaxy hoody to Triad backpack. I especially love the tee (sorry, not pictured), which is printed with the world-famous image of Aldrin from the Apollo Moon landing. There’s also another jacket in white, is waterproof and has special details, like zip pulls and Velcro straps in red and blue to correspond to the left and right sides"”all in direct reference to astronauts’ space suits. Pretty out of this world.