Nike's Art of Football x Dominic Wilcox

Posted on May 6, 2008 Under Design

When we last left Dominic Wilcox, he was puttering around the U.K., building absurd model airplanes. Now he wants to take you to, Niketown! Well, Niketown, London. Besides running a Nike iD session on May 9 at the megastore (stop by and say hi), Wilcox has been working on a project for Nike’s Art of Football put together by their 1/1 collective. By painstakingly gluing together plastic footballers (read: soccer players), he’s made a tiny “Cave” for your trainers (read: sneakers), a 3D piece called “Top Corner,” and a couple of blocks of toy athletes. Wilcox writes on his blog, “Gluing the footballers was certainly a challenge. It became almost a meditative process. At one point I was in ‘the zone’ to the point that a super glue tube got stuck to the side of my finger, yet instead of spending time removing it, I picked up another tube and continued on.” Wow. We wonder if his design studio has their own fight song.