When we last left Dominic Wilcox, he was puttering around the U.K., building absurd model airplanes. Now he wants to take you to, Niketown! Well, Niketown, London. Besides running a Nike iD session on May 9 at the megastore (stop by and say hi), Wilcox has been working on a project for Nike’s Art of Football put together by their 1/1 collective. By painstakingly gluing together plastic footballers (read: soccer players), he’s made a tiny “Cave” for your trainers (read: sneakers), a 3D piece called “Top Corner,” and a couple of blocks of toy athletes. Wilcox writes on his blog, “Gluing the footballers was certainly a challenge. It became almost a meditative process. At one point I was in ‘the zone’ to the point that a super glue tube got stuck to the side of my finger, yet instead of spending time removing it, I picked up another tube and continued on.” Wow. We wonder if his design studio has their own fight song.