Ninja Cruise Update

Posted on October 1, 2007 Under Art

Our boy Matthew Curry "” Spear Collective member, Grammy Award nominee, artist, occasional ad man and one-time vodka bottle designer "” has just updated his website, Ninja Cruise. Matthew’s no stranger to the pages here; we’ve written about him a bunch of times before, most recently to shout out his collaboration with Enjin Skateboards. He designed some pretty sweet (and reasonably priced) boards for enjin, which we just gave you a chance to buy.

This Ninja Cruise update includes a good deal of hand-made content (ink on paper, rather than hue on screen) that, in an email, Curry called his “most successful paintings and drawings from the last 2 years.” Some of these canvases are for sale at The Beholder. When you go "” and you will go "” to Ninja Cruise to check out Matt’s latest and greatest, you’ll find his news in the middle of the page and those paintings and drawing we just talked about thumbnailed on the masthead. Ah, darkness.

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