Posted on August 7, 2007 Under Gadgetry

New York’s alternative watch maker Nooka is known for both their abstract approach to time keeping and their creatively free approach to designing those watches. What better form of collaboration, then, would there be other than to pair up with Shin Tanaka, paper artist extraordinaire, to produce a very fun (and very different) salute to two of the best things the brand is known for?

The Nooka x Shin Tanaka collab takes the form of a downloadable Nooka boxboy template, which can then be personalized to one’s liking and resubmitted online. Unlike Nooka’s prior collaborations (which we always get pretty worked up about), the union with Tanaka is available in wonderfully unlimited quantities. So, if you’re feeling creatively inclined today, grab some crayons, warm up your printer, and head over here and get to work on your very own paper watch monster.