Nudie Jeans

Posted on August 28, 2006 Under Fashion

NudiejeansSome companies merely make products. Others strive to create not just a “product,” but instead something that becomes a natural extension of the consumer, almost like a second skin. This metaphor works extremely well when applied to the premium denim market. By essentially weaving their passion for denim into the jeans, Nudie Jeans Co. has succeeded in creating a product that forms an emotional connection with the owner. Nudie Jeans suggests that denim becomes more personal and more beautiful as they are worn in. In fact, Nudie instructs people to wear their jeans as much as possible for the first 6 months before washing them for the first time. This allows the denim and indigo to become customized and a reflection of the daily grind of the owner. The Nudie Jeans Co. website is really top-notch and has a gallery section with jeans on virtual display that illustrate the different ways in which the jeans can get worn in. There is also a really great video on the manufacturing process used by Nudie Jeans. It’s really fascinating to see all the work that goes into each pair.