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The OeTZI3300 shoe brand is inspired by a prehistoric man named “Oetzi” who has been carbon dated all the way back to 3300 B.C. His mummified body was unveiled from it’s frozen state during “global warming” and he was wearing nothing more than the basic essentials he needed for survival– good gear for protection and warmth, as well as a unique pair of bad ass shoes.

These shoes above (more color-ways after the jump) are inspired by the simple yet functional design of Oetzi’s shoes, our need to be environmentally responsible, and the need to better promote the art of well being. The collection features a pair made of napa leathers and oiled suede, both with an insulating yet breathable stretch inner sock liner– and a cork footbed designed for comfort (it also gradually molds to your footscape as you wear them).

Proceeds of every sale go to the Arthritis Foundation, as it was discovered by tattoo’s found on Oetzi’s body that he too had symptoms of joint disease and was probably treated with a very primitive form of acupunture. The brands logo is inspired by these tattoos.

These shoes were designed by the same guy behind one of my all the favorites for comfort, the Royal Elastics Grata.  Congrats Ludovic!

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