Our Planet Retreats

Posted on July 21, 2008 Under Eco

If you’ve ever wanted to add the fancy term “Hotelier” to your business card but lack the capital to actually open a hotel, here’s your chance. Our Planet Retreats, an eco-friendly company aimed at providing truly unique accommodations, is relying on donations from people just like you to get their project off the ground. For a scant $30 donation you can become a shareholder, creating a rare travel experiences for eco-tourists while boosting the local economy. Each retreat consists of 12 rooms that are more or less spheres in trees that house four people apiece, giving travelers an incomparable connection to their surroundings. Each retreat location comes with activities tailored to their environment: whale shark diving, bird watching, turtle conservation projects, or surfing, among others. The current goal is to set up four locations in Vanuatu, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea within the year. Maybe it’s time you got in on the ground floor.