PRPS Denim

Posted on September 26, 2006 Under Fashion

A few months back Josh gave all you denim enthusiast a little love with his post on dry denim and Nudie Jeans. So, I thought I would go to the opposite end of the spectrum and talk about a company that is setting itself apart in terms of distressed denim. PRPS, also known as Purpose, lives by the slogan “bruised but never broken,” because each pair of jeans is put through various treatments, washes and hand-done details to give it that amazing finish. Originally marketed towards the urban market with a more relaxed fit, PRPS has unveiled two new cuts this year; a boot cut and a slim fit. They always say to look under the hood when you buy a car and the same goes with jeans. When you roll the cuff up on a pair of PRPS’s you will see a beautiful selvedge denim made from Zimbabwe cotton. The denim dream of the founder of Akademics and ex-Nike designer, PRPS defines perfection in today’s over saturated denim market. Though a pair of jeans from them will cost you $300 or more, it feels good to know that your pants are the definition of perfection.