Rafa Jenn: Pin-Ups

Posted on September 11, 2007 Under Art

This Friday, Colorado artist Rafa Jenn will be showing his new collection of work at Boulder’s Joy Engine. “Pin-Ups,” which features 50 drawings by the multi-aliased man, will pack out the Engine with plenty of hand-drawn nakey from 8-12pm, then hang steady until next month’s Jon Fellows opening. Rafa Jenn is well-known for his enviable collection of artistic skills — which stretch through fine art, design, web design, photography, and anything else the man takes a liking to — and it’s safe to say that his openings are the sort that will increase in importance as time sorts out exactly what place Rafa occupies in the worlds of fine art, urban art, and elsewhere. If that sounds cryptic….that’s about right. Just go.