I’m sure if you’re reading our blog, you’re pretty computer savvy, and you probably know what Web 2.0 sites are. But for those of you who need a little explanation: Web 2.0 sites are ‘new and improved sites that make the web their platform, provide users a way of interacting with each other, and organize and categorize their content.’ Basically, Web 2.0 sites are the ‘second coming of the World Wide Web.’ The best resource I’ve seen for finding these great new sites is Real World Software Development’s list. Not only does Real World provide a comprehensive list of sites, but it links you into other helpful lists. Real World’s list is broken into categories like social bookmarking, social network, communications/email, mapping, job search, shopping, travel, calendars, etc. Thanks to my brother and advertising guru Brendan Starr over at GSD&M in Austin, TX for the tip on this great resource.