Posted on October 9, 2009 Under Life

regretsy.jpgMy friend Jessica, turned me on to a site that gives you a sneak peek into the crazy world of homemade crafts on Etsy. Regretsy is a newly launched blog that takes submissions for wacky, silly, and some downright disgusting wares as they appear on Etsy. I’ve browsed Etsy in the past looking for very specific items such as handprinted thank you cards or stuffed animals for my friend’s toddler but I never took the time to browse. If Regretsy is any indication, I am glad I didn’t. Each item is paired with some snarky commentary and while Helen Killer (who seems to be the one running the show), often missed the mark with her jokes, the description and images of the item for sale are often all that’s needed. There are some truly insane items, many featuring female genitalia. Like MySpace and Blogger, when you make it easy for anyone to make a site or sell a product, you really bring out the freaks. Add Regretsy to your newserader for some daily gems that will surely make the email rounds at your office. [And yes, I am entirely aware of the irony of linking to my friend’s Etsy page].