Review: Tom Bihn Super Ego Bag

Posted on October 31, 2005 Under Travel

I’ve been heavily testing a bag I received from Tom Bihn a few months ago– they call it the Super Ego. I’d definitely use the word ‘Super’ to describe this bag– it’s the most versatile, rugged, and usable bag I’ve ever tried. It has splash proof zippered pockets, an enormous front pocket packed with compartments for organizing every accessory I could think of. It has places for water bottles on the sides, and secure zipper pockets inside for valuables. The real kicker with this bag is that it has a back zippered compartment large enough to hold a laptop, four books, a dozen magazines, your pillow, a few LP’s and lunch. I tried several times, unsuccessfully, to fill this bag up. I’m probably making it sounds enormous, but I assure you it fits ‘underneath the seat in front of you’. It has a nice padded shoulder strap as well as a waist buckle to take some weight off your shoulders. The Super Ego isn’t a ‘school bag’ or a small messenger bag for a few papers– it’s truly built for travel. It’s also really customizable with lots of color and feature options. This is an all around excellent bag, I give it a special JS nod of approval!