Ridiculous Design Rules

Posted on September 18, 2008 Under Design

Ridiculous design rules: If you design, you probably have some, and they’re likely as laughable as the ways our grandmothers told us we could get pregnant (kissing; freeze tag). I don’t design, I’m a copywriter, but it may be fair game to suggest that anyone who depends on their right brain for a living has their own weird mix of regulations. Good thing we now have a safe place to keep them — because man it feels great to know that you’re not the only one basing your decisions on batshit superstitions.

Ridiculous Design Rules — the site — is the safe place I’m taking about, and if you feel the need to whisper some confessions into the ears of the Intertubes, this is the place to do it. Or, you could use the site to rant about someone else’s ridiculous design rules — like the ones that wind up holding your best work from the light of of day (“Too much white space…”) — and let the other users rank it to aid in your justification. Either way, it’s cathartic, and God knows I need some of that to get ready for the amount of toxicity I plan on wallowing in this weekend.