RoyalRemarkable + Grafuck 3

Posted on November 29, 2007 Under Art

Our Spear Collective comrade RoyalRemarkable (aka Joshua Gajonik) will again be appearing in this year’s Grafuck, a yearly publication of erotic work from an international selection of artists. While normally using his skills to produced tons of work for Burton, Arkitip, and books like Hand Job (sounds sexual, but depending on your relationship with typography, really isn’t), Grafucks allow Joshua to explore his (and I quote) “humourous, poignant, and charming,” side by bringing together the work of illustrators, photographers, graphic designers and fine artists. The result is a seriously pretty outlet for built up sexual tension which will be released alongside a gallery show at California’s Nucleus Gallery on December 8th. You’ll see more of RoyalRemarkable’s work on the walls in that gallery should you choose to attend; if you can’t make it, works should be up for sale after opening night here.