Saint Augustine Academy

Posted on March 9, 2007 Under Fashion

Recently, It’s been getting me down that so much stuff I want to get my hands on isn’t readily available in the U.S. Case in point: Saint Augustine Academy’s menswear, a rock-and-roll dripping, awesomely tailored line out of Australia that’s only barely available in a few stores in California and New York. I know I shouldn’t care, it’s not like I can wear guys clothing- but this latest line from two boys down under really, really, should be taking up some more American shelf space. What I love most about this line is that the pieces are so good at standing alone- you can do the whole get up and get an A+ for emo, if you’re into that– but just one of their seriously sharp button ups, cardigans, or trenches packs enough style and personality to medic an entire outfit (without requiring that you be in a band). I can’t believe there’s only six places carrying this right now, but next year I’ll probably be whining about Nordstrom scooping them up, so I’ll keep my mouth shut. The best online selection I can currently find is at Azalea, so go get some before the middle schoolers discover it.