Shake Things Up With Gourmet Salts

Posted on May 22, 2008 Under Food

The salt revolution is coming. I know, we all thought artisan salts were totally passé in the gourmet world, now that everyone and their mom has had Himalayan pink sea salt. It's time to put it on something else besides bread and meat. The latest drink accessory? Salt. My salty source tells me the master cocktail craftsman (he hates being called a mixologist) at Cyrus is paving the way with Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt rimmed specialty cocktails "¦ we're not talking about your $5 happy hour Chevy's margarita. While this new concoction of Cyrus' famous Scott Beattie has been unconfirmed, ask for the Caprese Martini rimmed with Grey Sea Salt. If you are looking for a way to add salt to your non-alcoholic repertoire, try adding the buttery and rare Aguni Japanese Sea Salt to your morning espresso — it will remove any unwanted bitterness. Whether its Fleur de Sel, Grey Sea Salt or the Alaea Hawaiian — its totally in.