Posted on August 27, 2007 Under Fashion

SneakersBR — a Brazilian site hyping all things sneakers — just launched their first collection of tees paying homage to the very subject that happily consumes the attention span (and likely a matching-sized chunk of the bank accounts) of its Portuguese-speaking readers. The 2-year-old site is releasing new sets of shirts every two months through a partnership with clothing brand Korova, and each item in the collection is limited to just 30 units. It’s a gimmick that works well with this crowd, but to be fair, the designs are modern enough that they’ll probably last longer than the popularity of some kick models. My faves (despite their dude-only sizing) are a sneaker wheel featuring some classic versions and a fake toothpaste ad slinging the slogan “Maximum protection for your feet.” If you want any of these tees, make a Brazilian penpal fast, because the site only delivers locally.