Soft & Furry Logo Competition

Posted on June 5, 2008 Under Design

Soft & Furry needs you. A logo competition created by designers for other designers, the winning logo will be the face of a new line of hand-made designer toys. You can put yourself in the running by submitting up to 3 hot new designs each week over the next eight weeks. Soft & Furry's panel will review all the submissions and, each Sunday, will post one winner for that week. In the end, the eight weekly winners will battle it out for the top spot. Besides general bragging rights, the winning designer will get a bunch of Soft & Furry swag and, as the site mysteriously teases, "who knows what else." Most importantly, they'll get exposure as fans of design worldwide check out their work.

The site is up and patiently waiting to display everyone's submissions, with just a countdown clock giving a hint at when all those fresh new ideas will burst onto the screen. The first submission deadline is in just over a day, so it's time to put pen to paper, hand to mouse (or whatever your design process is), and get hustling. If you're going to watch this unfold from the sidelines and not submit, then keep your eyes peeled as the first weekly winner we be posted on Sunday, June 15th.