Standard Motion: New Site!

Posted on September 18, 2007 Under Design

After a Summer-long hiatus, Brooklyn’s Standard Motion studio has finally re-opened their online store. You’ll find some of Jon Stetzen’s latest posters and prints up for grabs on the new site, including all of those you see above and a few others. Since Jon is expecting a baby in November (well, I guess he’s expecting someone to give birth to a baby), he’s even designed a few cute-ish prints for the kiddies. I’ve always had a thing for hippos, so this reprinted drawing really gets me going, and this alphabet poster is sure to teach your kid what’s what before kindergarten brainwashes him/her. You can find some older Standard Motion prints at Insound — along with about a hundred other awesome concert posters — so browse both, then go ahead and fill up that empty wall space.