As you may recall, back in March we told you that Vulcan bombed some servers at Google. This wasn’t an act of tech-terrorism, but an act of art. The Vulcan in question wasn’t played by Leonard Nimoy and nothing actually got blown up. Those in the know, know that bombing is slang for painting graffiti on something (or at least it was when I saw the movie Beat Street way back in the 1980′s). Graffiti artist Vulcan, had been commissioned to paint a line of servers for Google in conjunction with his solo show.

He recently returned to Silicon Valley to dole out some more street cred, this time the target was the office of online t-shirt and apparel merchants at Zazzle. This time Vulcan wasn’t alone. He was joined by fellow Graffiti gods and START SOMA artists in residence Chor Boogie and Apex to create the Trifecta Mural, an absolutely wondrous creation of urban artistry that will no doubt make the Zazzle offices the envy of many a gallery owner. If you’re not in awe enough after looking at this incredibly complex mural, just take a gander at the making of video making of video. Who knows, with Silicon Valley so enamored with their work Steve Jobs just might have to commission these guys to make the GraffitiPod.