Posted on October 11, 2007 Under Design

Superspace is a two year-old design studio based in Copenhagen; the fact that it’s two years old makes sense, because right now Superspace devotes a lot of its energy towards designing for children. Take their (pictured) Honeycubes product: fuzzy little hexagons with detachable centers that kids can stack, piece together like honeycomb, sit in, sit on, or just play and be silly with. Superspace says that the “dynamic shape” of the Honeycubes, “is designed specifically to support children’s development from the early age of 2.” Then there’s the Sorø Mini Tracks, which are like little interior design building blocks for kids. Now, Superspace has some sweet adult-oriented products too "” I don’t mean to short-change them "” but we here believe that design sensibility should start as early as possible, and their children’s products are a way to give your kid a head-start on developing exquisite taste. And that’s a great thing, because kindergärtners love a snob.