Posted on May 31, 2007 Under Design

I love wallpaper. If possible, I would cover every inch of wallspace in my apartment with papers by Deborah Bowness or Dan Funderburgh, and then I’d probably move onto the ceilings, floors or perhaps even my the cats I am forced to co-habitate with.

Okay, that’s a little nuts, but I’m serious about the love-factor. There’s something so classy and glamorous about a room plastered in a bold, over-the-top pattern, something that just screams sophistication and elegance to me. Then, I discovered Surrealien‘s line of custom wallpaper and I could barely wrap my mind around it. Taking into consideration the placement of lights, pictures and doors before the paper is even printed. The result is a warped, surreal pattern straight out of a Dali painting, yet something so natural looking it takes a few moments to register in your brain. When it does, though, be prepared for the awe and amazement to sweep over you.