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Nooka Mercury Sunglasses


My friends at Nooka are at it again. This is their first collection of modern eye wear!

Bringing the brands sleek and cutting-edge design aesthetic to the world of sunglasses, the Nooka Mercury is available in an array of vibrant colors, meant to compliment the popular Zub line. The polymer injected frames make the Nooka Mercury sunglasses light-weight, yet durable, as the blue lenses with silver mirror finish adequately deflect sun rays and provide UV protection. Starting in the second week of June, the Mercury sunglasses will be available online for $130.

708 Cycling

With 20 years of experience as a bike messenger under his belt, Kurt Fletcher knows a thing or two about what cyclists look for in their clothing and accessories. Based in St. Louis, a “cycling boom town,” Fletcher’s company 708 Cycling is a new start-up, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the detailing on his products. The most popular items are the urban knickers and the Goliath messenger bag. Aside from the few rubs from co-workers, I can attest that knickers are a great way to avoid chain grease on your pants while still keeping warm for those early morning commutes. The bag has plenty of pockets to hold everything you’d need, yet manages to not look like you’re carrying luggage on your back. There is an extensive use of hemp in the product line, which boasts anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and UV-resistant properties. With competitive pricing and products that are eco-friendly, 708 Cycling is worth taking a look at.

Radius x Tree of Charge

Trees play an important role in Mother Nature, turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, which keeps us alive. So it sort of makes sense that when looking for something to keep our vital electronics alive, we might just turn to something that already has this job. Enter Radius’ Tree of Charge, an inventive sample of fake forestry that can serve as an electrical root for everything from you cell phone to your iPod, while leaving plenty of branches to hang any other knickknacks you just can’t live without.

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