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Outdoor Research Fall/Winter Hats

Despite being summer, the weather around here has been highly unpredictable. We are mostly blessed with beautiful days, but early in the morning and after the sun has dropped below the horizon, the air can get a bit crisp. I think the best way to keep warm without feeling stuffy or sweaty is to focus on the extremities and head. I am a fan of the beanie, but recently I saw Outdoor Research‘s new line of warm headgear and I think I may need to add a few to my wardrobe. The Yukon cap, with it’s textured wool exterior and button ear flaps, really caught my eye. However, the one that I think really stands out is the Odd Job hat (pictured). Besides scoring points for the Bond reference, the brimmed hat comes with a bottle opener attached. Come to think of it, drinking beers is another great way to keep warm! Click here to check out their entire line.

Nooka Pop-Up Shop

store2.jpg store5.jpg store6.jpg store3.jpg

Wanna get your Nooka on? Swing by their super-fun pop-up shop at Den in New York from July 10th through August 16th. The entire line of products is for sale"“ all the watches, the new wallets, belts and Nooka fragrance. It’s a great space and very well done!

330 East 11th Street
Between 1st avenue and 2nd avenue
New York, NY 10018

Neolithic Knives


The tools we use in our every day lives have come a long way since the time of early man. Jagged rocks fashioned into crude shapes and surfaces ideal for jabbing into fleshy substances just don’t seem like they would fly for kitchen knives nowadays. Or would they? Neolithic Knives, a new creation for Bond by NYC based designer Matthias Kaeding is a striking homage to the instruments of the new stone age made slightly more convenient for today’s kitchen commanders. These sleek ceramic instruments bring a more salt of the earth appeal to the acts of smashing, slicing, dicing, chopping, and scooping up ingredients in your meal preparation. While we’re not sure if it’s just as easy as whipping out the ginsu, it’ll probably give you enough of a sense of accomplishment once you’ve managed to mince an entire onion that you’ll have no choice to let out a hearty grunt reminiscent of your evolutionary ancestors.

Via designboom


js_cam2.gifUsually when I take my SLR somewhere, I plan on shooting a large number of shots with short intervals between shots. For convenience and security reasons, I usually hang my 40D around my neck using the included strap. However, this presents a few problems. First, this solution does not lend itself to quick shooting. There is time lost to bring it up from your waist to your eyes. I also wear belts with metal buckles which usually means when I “drop” the camera, it hits against something hard and that can’t be good for the LCD screen.

I was turned to Jim Garavuso’s invention, the Camdapter by some very convincing photography forum posts. A mechanical design engineer with 18 years of experience, Jim created the Camdapter to solve a personal problem but quickly learned that fellow photographers need a solution as well. The Camdapter is made from hard anodized aluminum and your choice of top grain leathers. It cleverly uses one of your neck strap mounts as well as creating a secondary mount on the bottom using an adapter plate attached to the tripod mount on your camera. The strap is fully adjustable and allows you to securely hold the camera with one hand. I run my Camdapter a bit loose so I am still able to access the thumb controls fully. Once you put one on, you’ll quickly learn the subtle movements of your hand that loosen or tighten the strap. As a bonus, if you still wanted to wear your neck strap, you could still attach it, giving you both options. There are multiple adapters which assure the setup is still tripod mountable regardless of whichever setup you may be running. The cost of the set is completely reasonable, in my opinion, and is a small fraction of the cost of the host and glass setup many of us are running.

Snik Zipper Pulls


With the global user base of mobile phones approaching 3 billion people, more than a few music listeners and callers find themselves in a daily tangle of headphones/bags/jackets that might be avoided if Snik creator Rob Honeycutt has his way. His product line of zipper puller and cord grooves featured on snaps and buckles relieves pressure on the earbuds (athletes rejoice). “I believe there is a widespread need for this ‘interface’ between a person’s clothing and their mobile technology,” said Honeycutt, who would like the feature to become ubiquitous on clothing and bags over the next decade. For now, the small devices are available by the 6 and 12 pack–dangling cords be darned.

Cat Knife Box

robert_knight.jpg Creepy knife holder by designer Robert Knight.

Robert Knight describes this mesblock with “Love it or Hate it” that statement fits. Definitely nothing for the Hello Kitty fans. The Mesblock is a design piece by Robert Knight, a designer based out of the Netherlands. The Mesblock is limited to 10 pieces and is handmade by the designer. Via CLDFX

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