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Eye-Fi Video (Giveaway)


We’ve got a few Eye-Fi Wireless Photo and Video Memory cards to giveaway from our friends at Photojojo- they find the best photo shiz anywhere. If you’re unfamiliar, the bad ass Eye-Fi SD Memory cards allow you to wirelessly upload photos and video from your camera to your computer, transfer the images from remote locations right to file sharing sites, and geo-tag your images on the spot. We love them.

So, for the giveaway I’ve decided to try a Retweet (RT) contest on Twitter. Tweet the following and I’ll choose a winner randomly next week: RT Contest: I Want an Eye-Fi Video! #joshspear

Pods by PAD


Loving these new metal spun planters by Pad Outdoor. Each are hand spun recycled aluminum, which makes them ultra-lightweight (made in the USA) and sexy. Yes, I just called a planter sexy. They’re available in six different colors and launch at Dwell on Design show in LA in a few weeks and the NY gift show in August. No word yet on pricing.

Brass Knuckle Cork Screw


What happens when you cross a brass knuckle with a cork screw? This. Completely opposite, yet totally awesome together. Designed in limited edition of 50 by Jonathan Sabine and for sale at Ministry Of The Interior in Toronto. They’re not shipping them over the border for obvious reasons, sorry. It also comes in a dead-sexy (no pun intended) laser etched walnut box.

Banana Family


If you go bananas over Alessi’s newest launch in its whimsical OrienTales collection of kitchen doodads that we adore, Banana Family, we wouldn’t be surprised. The collabo between the Italian company’s Stefano Giovannoni and Takeda Rumiko with the National Palace Museum Taiwan monkeys around with animated primates dressed in bright uniforms, hanging out and disguising themselves as spice holders (pictured), napkin rings and corkscrews. I love the parrot sitting atop the monkey’s head in the Banana Babies place markers"”as if inviting pals over for dinner already isn’t fun enough. Design Boom has some better photos of the products, while the Alessi site shows them in 2-D; as you can see, they remarkably resemble the real thing.

Russ Mills Laptop Skin

Russ Mills is one of our favorite artists, but has a knack for selling out his prints in less than 24 hours. It can be frustrating, but when you actually get your hands on one it’s very satisfying. He's finally released a product that hopefully won't be gone by the time you read this. Partnering with Infectious, he has lent one of his images, “Tilisis,” for you to stick on your gadgets. Only one image is available but in various sizes for Laptop (MAC & PC), iPhone and iPods. Staying constant he has kept his prices low; $30 for a laptop, $15 for iPhone/iPod.

If you've missed out on his previous print releases, this is a sure way to get your hands on a Russ Mills something. In related news, there are talks of a Russ Mills London gallery show very soon. Hopefully, we'll see some more prints soon too. We'll let you know.

Look KeO Sprint Laneo Pedals


Considering there are only two points of contact between your road bike and the engines (read: legs) that power it, pedals should be high on your priority list. I had a chance to try the KeO Sprint Laneo pedals from Look on a ride this past weekend. I scored a pair of last year’s high-end Shimano carbon shoes, and despite the irony, I decided to pair the two. At first, I was worried about the hole configuration, but here’s a little tip I learned- Look’s spacing is exactly the same as Shimano’s SPD-SL. The pedals also have a patented “memory” function which allows you to reinstall the cleats in the exact same position each time. This is a great idea considering how long it takes to get pedals dialed in.

I was a bit nervous on the ride since I was taking two new pieces of equipment out on the road at the same time, but once I hit my stride, the pedals performed flawlessly. There is a good amount of float which I usually don’t like but there was no slippage or real hesitation in the release. During climbs when I am standing and really powering down, the large surface area and glass fiber polymer body provided the perfect platform for the power transfer. Though it allows you to customize the release tension (9 to 15 Nm), I found that the factory setting was just perfect. I was able to test out durable the Sprints were when I crashed, landing hard on my left side. After dusting myself off, I checked the pedals and there was nothing some soap and water couldn’t have taken off. Weighing in at just 130g per pedal, this is not the lightest offering from Look but unless you are a weight weenie, I am confident these pedals would impress even the most enthusiastic riders. Lastly, as if cycling wasn’t clean enough, Look has been partnering with Laneo since 2007, promoting an environmental project worldwide.

Rickshaw Moleskine Covers


San Francisco’s Rickshaw Bagworks (whose zero waste messenger bag was previously featured) is now creating customizable folios for Moleskine journals. The $50 folios include space for four pens and business cards and have a protected pocket perfect for receipts or maps. Each is made to order in the City by the Bay, and, should you feel stuck trying to pick a color combination, there’s a Flickr gallery chock full of customized fabrics to delight even the most hardcore Moleskinerie fan. Sustainable, awesome.

Secret Message Cufflinks

Donning that snazzy tux doesn’t mean your bow tie comes equipped with a camera and your cummerbund has tiny explosives. Secret Message Cufflinks indulges your spy fantasies. These stainless steel accessories with stud backings from Red Envelope, open up to reveal mini scrolls of paper — some with the wise sayings from the likes of Lao-Tzu and Gandhi, and others written by you. So whether your looking for sage advice or just carrying important government codes, your secret is safe up your sleeve.

Via Uncrate

Keen Harvest Bag

Keen, a company that started with the question, “can a sandal protect the toes?”, has gone on to expanding their product line well beyond just active sandals. Admittedly, I have not checked out their site since I was shopping for my trip to Kauai a few years ago, but a few weeks ago I pointed Firefox their way and was impressed with what I saw. Their Harvest Collection of bags is particularly noteworthy.

One model, the Cornell, is a unisex messenger bag made of 100% reclaimed rice paper. For those of you who have ever bought large sacks of rice from an Asian market, you know exactly what that is. The design and graphics on each bag are completely unique, the bottom is made of 100% recycled rubber (from tires), and there is a lushly padded 17.4″ notebook sleeve built in. I will not say it’s perfect, however. The front zipper on mine gets stuck, and repeated pulls are slowly ripping the pouch from the bag. My only other complaint is a small one – occasionally the strap folds up onto itself within the metal loops. Other than these small quibbles, the Cornell gets my vote if you are looking for a comfortable, unique, and green bag.

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