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Awkward Price


Interesting social experiment taking place here. Not entirely sure it will work, but good effort. Awkwardprice is a buzzy viral experiment where advertisers catch the attention of the public by paying crazy money for common and worthless items sold on Ebay (forks, clothespins, etc.).

Check out the current Ebay auction. $29 for a paperclip, and then an ad on the site associated with the auctions.

Targets NY Fashion Show


This should be amusing: Target rented out the entire Standard Hotel in NYC and are doing a huge light/music show with dancers in the rooms. Daft Punk’s lighting guys are doing the light show, Spike Jonze’s brother Sam Spiegel composed a 20 minute original score and the choreography is supposedly amazing.

Tonight (Wednesday night) at The Standard Hotel. Show’s on at 9PM, but people should get there around 8:30. Little West 12th is closed off for people to watch from, but the Highline will also have an amazing view!

QR “Built Codes” For Frisk

QR “Built Code” using Frisk mints in Japan.  Check it out.

SET is now promoting the use of what we call “built” codes. We believe that these codes offer brands a unique opportunity to connect the real world to the online world. In the coming months we will be looking to incorporate these “built” codes not only into print media but also into outdoor stunts and events that allow the consumer to truly interact with the code in fun and exciting ways.

Your Big Break

Image & clapperboard jpeg.jpg

If you dream of being a great filmmaker, this could be Your Big Break. Write a screenplay for a 3-minute film that ‘captures the spirit of 100% Pure New Zealand, the youngest country on Earth’, and you could be one of five filmmakers to wing your way to NZ to have your short film produced by Lord of the Rings producer Barrie Osborne. The winning film will be selected by Peter Jackson and presented worldwide as part of 100% Pure New Zealand!

Disclosure: 100% New Zealand is currently advertising on this site. And I think this is a damn good promotion for creative professional to get to work!

The PUMA Index


The PUMA Index is a real stock ticker, with a twist. When the market goes down, our models’ clothes come off, all the way to their PUMA Bodywear. “So when you lose your shirt, so do our models…” Pretty entertaining.  Global markets available for all time zones.

Panasonic Next Generation Talent 2009

Last year, Panasonic hosted the Next Generation Talent to give UK design students a crack at creating an advertisement and win a bunch of gear. They let me sit on the judges panel and blab on and on about some amazing student work. The contest was a success and the winning video was great. This year they've narrowed down the entries to four and asked the judges back to choose a winner. I think I've picked my favorite, Paul Bryan, but help me make up my mind. Have a quick view at the four remaining finalist and tell me your favorite and why in the comments below. Just to spur you along we're going to give away the noise canceling headphones they were going to give to me as a gift to a commenter at random below.

Have a look at all four videos after the jump.


Eepmon for Yahoo!


My friend Eric Chan (Eepmon) just recently just finished two art pieces done for Yahoo! in South East Asia, for a campaign called “BIG IDE CHAIR”. This is one of the two pieces he created for their event. Great, as always!

Instant Campaign


Campanhainstantanea: Enter in $5,000 for a budget at first, and click the different resulting components. Then do the same for a $5,000,000 budget. Awesome.

From the creators at Gringo:

You may be way above the little calamities of regular client work, but we were tired of having clients want to take control of their digital campaign, so we gave it to them! Let me know what you think!

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