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Wants for Sale's Vegas Vacation

Justin Gignac and his girlfriend Christine are going to Las Vegas. While they’re there they’d like to gamble, hit up an all you can eat buffet for two, and even see some showgirls. Why should you care? Because you’re going to pay for them. While catering for other people’s vacation whims probably wasn’t on your list of things to do this year, the clever pair behind Wants for Sale are out to prove you can always get what you want. Don’t worry there’s something in it for you: matching Sin City-themed paintings depicting typical Vegas activities. So ante up! Maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll bring you back a souvenir. Or a showgirl.

Swatch Bijoux Collection

Back when my budget, and height, was a little bit smaller, there was no other watch brand more desirable than Swatch. My love for their designs has only increased over the years, especially with the Bijoux Collection, a plethora of jewelry featuring opalescent colors and contrasting materials sure to please–no matter your individual sense of style. Highlights from the collection include the Feel the Beat pendant and ring that look like a turntable and radio face, respectively, as well as the Moon Illusion, a stylized, cream, ceramic lotus flower with crystal, available as a pendant or ring. If you’re on a bit of a budget, check them out.n

Grassroots Modern

Last year we saw the popularity of price friendly modern design. Companies like Realm Dekor are ‘consciously trying to keep the price down in “modern design”– a market place that has had a pretty steep price tag lately.’ One of the main comments I received during my survey was “share more affordable stuff!”– So here’s a site to help stay informed about more wallet friendly design products. Check out the blog Grassroots Modern, they’re a huge catalyst in what they call, “The Affordable Modern Movement.”

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