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The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Lobby

Check out this video– It shows off the newest project from the lab at rockwellgroup. It’s the West Lobby of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas– and it’s a kinetic space: Centered around 8 giant central columns wrapped with mirrors and LCD screens. Rockwell Group’s LAB installed 384 displays on the columns and 26 behind the registration desk to create a platform for a variety of customized immersive digital experiences in the space.

Pretty awesome, I love the bubbles.

The Carbon Dater by Sruli Recht

SR0912carbondater1.jpg SR0912carbondater4.jpg SR0912carbondater2.jpg

An architect, photographer and a graf writer walk into a bar… My three guised men, ill advised once again. Oh by night, Oh by night… from the acts of construction, observation and destruction this product of defacement did form.

This Carbon Dater by Sruli Recht is a black diamond-tipped carbon pen for writing and illustrating directly on glass. Amazing.

The details: A .30 carat black diamond set in milled brass claw, fixed to a hand tooled laser engraved inanimate carbon rod, presented in an inked 304piece hinged cardboard box.

Why do I need one of these again? Want.


wonderwall.jpgWonderwall is the interior design firm created by Masamichi Katayama– they’re responsible for all kinds of incredible spaces around the world (but especially in Japan). Ever been inside a BAPE store and wondered who was behind the genius interior design and architecture? Some other highlights include Dean & Deluca in Roppongi, APC in Aoyama, Collete in Paris, the UNIQLO store in NYC (with the moving mannequins) and more. Look into more of their amazing work here.

GRAFT Architects: Camelback Houses


The landscape of many suburban towns are dotted with cookie cutter Ranch or Victorian homes surrounded by white picket fences and calling to mind the perfect little world brought to life by films like Edward Scissorhands or The Truman Show. Families exist within their box and talk to their neighbors within the boundaries of their property. While this aesthetic is a strange embodiment of the American dream, it almost seems as though it could use a 21st century update. GRAFT Architects have seemingly come up with the perfect update on the modern Suburban neighborhood with their Camelback Houses designed as part of the Make It Right Project to pioneer duplex designs and redesign and rebuild the lower 9th ward of New Orleans destroyed by Hurrican Katrina. These wonderfully sleek homes spice up the boring flat face of your average subdivision; lending an equal importance to the maintenance of private family life while also providing space that encourages neighborly interaction.

Geometry of Ruins


Inspired by modern ruins and the spirit that remains alive inside of them, Geometry of Ruins seeks to simultaneously provoke feelings of hope and its death. The multimedia show by Tyger creator Guilherme Marcondes and his artist wife Andrezza Valentin"”both from Sao Paulo and now living stateside"”goes from an art center in Sao Paulo that was never finished, whose mystical what-could-have-been promise is amplified by a superimposed eclipse on fire, to a video installation with dozens of tiny screens flashing frenetic images and mimicking the city’s grid layout. I love the couple’s concept of using structures as literal skeletons in which to frame imagination. The show runs till July 11 at Flux Salon in Venice, CA, the wonderful little gallery by Jonathan and Meg Wells (of ResFest fame).

Singapore's "My Dream, Our Vision"

Singapore will be showing off an array of national achievements to the globe at Shanghai’s World Expo in 2010. With that date seemingly around the corner, it’s high time they got a move on crafting their host pavilion. While they’ve received a multitude of architectural suggestions, perhaps the most stunning entry in the pavilion design contest was provided by DesignAct. The architectural firm has created a masterwork in the form of a pixelated cloud skyscraper, entitled “My Dream, Our Vision." The breathtaking mass of sculpture would consist of 3866 permutated cubes with varying shades of transparency, lingering above a constantly evolving field of green. The formation is meant to characterize Singapore as a progressive land where increasing modernity and reinvention reign supreme.

Via Inhabitat

Vision 2020

If you’re interested in the future of architecture, you want to check out Vision 2020, an online conference of noted architects, critics, and students where they paint a picture of the built environment and its relevance in the foreseeable future. The site features literature reflecting perspectives from all sides on the influence of technology, the natural environment, and the needs of the public. The Vision 2020 project serves as an open forum, and succeeds in bringing forth some compelling ideas. Feel like getting involved. You can submit a video to their YouTube page, or just post it here. But that’s not very forward-thinking of you.

Pinon House

Rick Sommerfeld (the3rdspace) and Rob Pyatt are no newbies when it comes to turning a humble abode from the mid 20th century into a 21st century work of art. Their latest project Pinon House, is yet another tribute to fine form in modern architecture. The design duo gave an unassuming Boulder, Colorado habitat a major overhaul via some serious remodeling and add-ons. The result shows off their knack for turning the seemingly simple into an appealing wonderland of geometry and practical living space.


Eva Jiricna x Hotel Josef

We like mixing up a bit of modern design culture with the great historic architecture. So when I heard that Hotel Josef just around the corner from Old Town Square in Prague was designed by London (though Czech nationality) architect Eva Jiricna I knew I had to stay there. The hotel had everything you would expect from a four star hotel: very helpful staff, gym, sauna, beautiful bar and breakfast — the typical amenities you can list off any given four star hotel website. But where Hotel Josef rises above the rest is in its attention to details. Beside being designed by one of the great contemporary architects of recent years, they completely cater to creative professionals: WiFi throughout the lounge and bar, high speed Internet and iPod docks in the room, and such progressive design you feel like your staying in a piece of art. If you make it to Prague we highly recommend checking out the Hotel Josef and if you are in the literary scene at all note that the Prague Writer's Festival is hosted by the hotel every year. If Hotel Josef is a little out of your budget, we wrote up the wonderfully beautiful Miss Sophie's Hostel a while back as well.

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