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Eat The Sun

Eat The Sun is an incredibly well shot, totally bizarre movie about a group of people around the country that stare at the sun and claim to not need to eat– among other physical and spiritual benefits. Watch the preview and judge for yourself. I enjoyed the cinematography and music– but I’m still not quite sure about the content. Bizarre but fascinating work by Sorcher Films.

The filmmakers do not recommend or endorse the views and practices concerning sungazing and fasting portrayed in this film. Anyone contemplating such behavior should seek the advice of a competent medical professional.

Beams Tokyo x Steve Harrington


Steve Harrington is opening a show up at Beams in Tokyo on the 18th of May. All proceeds from sales of artwork will be donated to tsunami victims.

The show will consist of 15 new sculptures, 20 new screenprints and a photo print wall. Here’s a sneak peak of what he’s been working on.  Looks like it will be great!

photo_by_brigitte_sire.jpg photo_by_brigitte_sire1.jpg

photo_by_brigitte_sire2.jpg photo_by_brigitte_sire3.jpg

photo_by_brigitte_sire4.jpg photo_by_brigitte_sire5.jpg



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