Etsy’s Twitter Artist Series

Posted on June 6, 2011 Under Art

Each month Etsy features a new designer who they let takeover their Twitter background with an original design. They then do a Q&A with the artist and make the design available as a free desktop and mobile download. This month…

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Eat The Sun

Posted on May 24, 2011 Under Art

Eat The Sun is an incredibly well shot, totally bizarre movie about a group of people around the country that stare at the sun and claim to not need to eat– among other physical and spiritual benefits. Watch the preview…

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Ed Bing Lee Knits Food

Posted on May 18, 2011 Under Art

Artist Ed Bing Lee knits burgers and hot dogs. Reminds me of the knitted sushi we saw a few years back! More over at HighSnobiety

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Beams Tokyo x Steve Harrington

Posted on May 16, 2011 Under Art

Steve Harrington is opening a show up at Beams in Tokyo on the 18th of May. All proceeds from sales of artwork will be donated to tsunami victims. The show will consist of 15 new sculptures, 20 new screenprints and…

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Casualties of War

Posted on May 10, 2011 Under Art

This work is sad and moving.  Toy soldiers as amputees in wheelchairs, begging, engaged in violence, and even one soldier sitting in an armchair about to shoot himself.  The hell of war comes home. Our treatment of veterans in this country is…

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Hand stitched Vogue Covers

Posted on May 8, 2011 Under Art

Incredible hand stitched Vogue Covers by Inge Jacobsen– a fine artist with serious embroidery, cutting and collaging skills.

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The Last Iceberg

Posted on May 6, 2011 Under Eco

This is: Heartbreaking. Amazing. Incredible. Beautiful. I'm not even sure what to think. Camille Seaman chronicles a handful of the many thousands of icebergs that are currently headed to their end.

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Zevs Liquidated Prints

Posted on May 2, 2011 Under Art

More Liquidated Logos from Zevs– this time prints for £200. A deal. Related: Zev's NYC Show.

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You Took My Name

Posted on April 13, 2011 Under Design

You Took My Name is another great logo project– reminds me of the distorted identities project we saw, and of course Zev's great logo destruction. "We’re working on a series of paintings that strip famous logos back to their basic…

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Dave White Americana Opening

Posted on April 13, 2011 Under Art

Miraculously I made it to Dave White's Americana opening in London last night. And left with this incredible Coyote below. Good article on him here– except Andy Warhol couldn't paint himself out of a box, and Dave is a master…

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