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Equinox & Derringer Cycles Giveaway

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Derringer is one of the most sought after bike brands in the nation – owned primarily by celebrities like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. Until now, Derringer has created only one type of bike, a gas hybrid, sold at the Derringer bike shop in LA.

Equinox recently launched an exclusive partnership with Derringer: Introducing the Equinox Limited Edition Derringer cycle, Derringer’s first pedal bike (yay for the environment). In addition to the giveaway detailed below, the bike will be sold at The Shop for $2300.

Every week in October, people who have met with an Equinox membership advisor will be entered in a drawing to win one bike. Equinox members are automatically entered to win, drawings occur on the 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th and 31st of October.

A few interesting things about the bike and Derringer Cycles:

• Started by Adrian Van Anz in Los Angeles – renowned designer
• Custom color combination for Equinox (and the only place to buy it for a limited time)
• Unique, one size fits all 18” frame, shorter than a “small” bike, longer than an “extra large” bike
• Single arc style (opposed to “triangle” frame) for classic look
• Both single speed and fixed gear option, simply by switching the configuration of the back wheel
• Fits riders 5’ – 6’4”and weighs 26lbs

Click here for your 3-day trial membership to Equinox and enter for a chance to win the beautiful Derringer Bicycle.

Core77's Dutch Master

Core77_DutchMaster_01.jpg Core77_DutchMaster_04.jpg  Core77_DutchMaster_03.jpg

Congrats guys!

Today, Core77 proudly introduces a limited edition bicycle–named the “Dutch Master“–celebrating New York bike culture and a heritage of local manufacturing.

The Dutch Master is based on the beloved Worksman cruiser frame–a workhorse foundation used throughout the New York delivery community, and manufactured in Queens, New York for over 110 years. Core77 customized the frame, fitting it out with a carefully curated set of components, each with its own story.


The bike was hand-built by KT Higgins, a Brooklyn-based ex-bike messenger (infamous for her crash in the movie Pedal), and proprietor of Bushwick Bike Shop, her one-year-old bikeshop in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn.

You can pop by the Apple Store to meet the designers on Saturday the 11th in New York (Prince Street) at 3pm"“ and afterwards the Dutch Master will be on display in the lobby of the Ace Hotel on West 29th for one week from July 11th through July 18th.

Brooks Limited Edition Colored Saddles


One for my bike obsessed brethren"“ Brooks Limited Edition Colored Saddles. On sale now!

Birmingham, England – Brooks England, the English purveyor of handmade leather saddles and accessories since 1866, will be releasing Limited Edition Swift saddles in four unique colours and Limited Edition Team Pro saddles in two unique colours. The limited edition colours will be released in July in quantities of 250. The Team Swift saddles are in celebration of one of the fastest growing urban cycling sports: Bike Polo; the Team Pro saddles celebrate Brooks' support of the cycle couriers.

Ross Lovegrove's Bamboo Bike


Ross Lovegrove never ceases to amaze us with his serious industrial design talent. We assume that it’s his knack for combining that which is visually stunning with an absurd amount of practicality that drew the folks at Biomega into his collaborative arms for what amounts to a stunning addition to their ever growing line of “furniture for locomotion,” or what in layman’s terms could be called a pretty sweet bike. The Biomega Bamboo utilizes a natural material that when properly prepared, is stronger than steel. The result is an eye-catching fusion of nature and innovation on two wheels. To catch a sneak peek at this cycling sight to behold, head over to Milan’s Design Library at Via Savona between the 22nd to 27th of April, where it will be on display from 10am to 10pm. Congrats JMS!

Cycle Safety Viral Videos

We blog about bikes quite a bit, but sometimes you have to be a nut to get through high speed urban traffic. In an effort to improve cyclist visibility the Transportation of London has put forth an ad campaign to bring attention to the issue. The first was a widely played video about a basketball team and a dancing bear. We all watched — then watched a second time and laughed. Next up, they’ve really out done themselves with a classic whodunnit? tale. Its like gymnastics in cinematography. Really amazing how they pull this off. Have fun with this video and few more that basically let you play “spot the differences” like the old Highlights magazines.

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