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Jawbone Funny Video Contest


Ever been on a call where unwanted background noise caused an annoying interruption or humorous mishap?

Our friends at Aliph know it happens, so they’re launching the “Jawbone Stimulus Funny Video Contest” with a grand prize of $10,000.

Starting today through June 1, 2010, we’re calling on comedians, filmmakers, and creative types to submit short videos, one-minute or less, that showcase funny moments caused by unwanted and unexpected background noise during a phone call.

To help stimulate your imagination and hopefully some laughs, we’re awarding cash and other cool prizes to the best submissions. The winning video will receive $10,000, be featured on, and possibly used in future Jawbone marketing campaigns. Prizes will also be awarded to those who share videos with their friends (i.e. generate video views by sharing personalized links).

This should be fun.

The Jawbone Icon



My pals at Jawbone have done it again, but this time it’s not all hardware (although, as you can see they brought the future to us once again on the industrial design front). The biggest announcement is the new MyTALK feature, and it seems to be pretty bad-ass. It’s like an “App Store” for your headset. Easy access to 411, voice-to-SMS, and finally Jawbone talks back to you telling you when the battery is low, who is calling, and so on– all with pretty fun, realistic customizable voices. I actually think they might have unearthed a pretty significant new business opportunity here.

Celebrate Freedom! Win a Jawbone 2!

Just a gentle holiday weekend reminder to get your answers in for the gold and silver Jawbone 2 giveaway: Who can find the cheesiest song, music video, or album with the word Gold or Silver in the title? We’ll be grilling meat, and charring ourselves with tanning and illegal fireworks. But, before we let you go, why haven’t we seen these obvious answers?

3. Black Gold – Soul Asylum (Now that is grunge … and for some reason, George Wendt.)

2. Gold Dust Woman – Fleetwood Mac (If you want to see Stevie Nicks live, she’s probably playing a casino near you.)

and our #1 pick after the jump. Happy Independence Day!


Gold, Silver Jawbone 2 Giveaway!


We gushed about the release of the Aliph Jawbone 2, but when it launched it was only available in black (as shown here on the right). It’s very stealth, but not sexy enough for some. The new Jawbone is a vastly improved product with a much smaller form factor, more comfortable leather ear loop, and the slickest charging dock on the market. Oh, and as you can see, they just launched gold and silver versions of the headset. And guess what? We’ve got one of each to give away to two lucky readers. Glitzy gold and sparkling silver — one could be yours very shortly.

Last time around we had you talk dirty, sweet, and trashy to win. This time, we’re giving them away to the best answer to the following question:

Who can find the cheesiest song, music video, or album with the word Gold or Silver in the title?

Post in the comments — whoever gets me laughing the most, wins.

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Love To Talk: Jawbone's Limited Edition Headsets


We’ve been Jawbone fans since the beginning, even back in 2004 when the first non-bluetooth version launched. Creating the “best bluetooth headset ever” and “sexiest way to talk” wasn’t enough for Yves Behar, so he had to go on and create a line of ridiculously sexy limited edition headsets shown above — we approve. Gold is for sweet talk, black is for dirty talk, white is for trash talk.

They were made in a *very* limited quantity, so these will no doubt dry up quickly (and you can’t buy them anywhere). Good thing I secured a set of them here at TED to give away to you, my fellow readers, right?

But I’m not going to let go of them easily, here are the rules:

The best sweet talk to me gets the gold adorned sweet talk headset, dirty talk, gets the sexy black dirty talk version, and trash talk (talk trash) gets the coveted shiny white trash talk version. Leave your dirty, sexy, and trash talk in the comments for me, and have fun. (FYI: comments below may be a liiiiitle NSFW. Just a heads up.)
Full product shots after the jump, courtesy of fuseproject

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Jabra BT3010 Bluetooth Headset

Must you wear one? I’m not personally a huge fan of the bluetooth headset craze. Yeah, they’re convenient, but I just can’t get used to seeing people walking down the street talking to themselves, er…someone. It’s weird. New York has enough crazy people on the streets, now we’ve got them looking mostly normal, other than the wild gesticulations.

But, if you must, you must. And if you must, then you must have a look at Jabra’s newest addition to its bluetooth line. The BT3010 allows you to choose from a variety of designs on their website, including 8 submitted by users, so at least you can add a little flair to your technological insanity. Of course, it’s probably only a matter of time before someone figures out how to change out the image on the earpiece making it fully user-changeable. They guys over at Complex are partial to a Space Invaders theme. What’s your poison? If you could slap any design on your bluetooth thingamawidget, what would it be?

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Jawbone Giveaway Extension!

Due to an overwhelming response to our Jawbone Giveaway last week, I’ve decided to extend the contest by another week, giving readers another 5 days to register their email addresses into our mailing list for a chance to win the best Bluetooth headset on the market, period. If you aren’t feeling lucky, don’t want to wait for the results on Friday, and want one right away, Jawbone’s website has several units back in stock for $120.

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