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Eepmon: Intersections


My crazy talented pal eepmon recently had a solo show of his works titled: INTERSECTIONS. Named after the place his work resides, at the intersection of painting and computer-mediated art. This is my favorite of his work to date.


Here’s how it works: He obtains real-time open data from Google’s weather feed and that’s fed into his program that governs the look of his visual and audio output. The captured weather conditions are then grouped into 6 main categories: cloud, fog, clear, rain, snow and rare (including hurricanes and tornados) that determine the color scheme and the mixing of audio samples that create the atmospheric environment required in order for the paintings to proceed.


As stated by Andrea Fatona who curates eepmon’s works at the Ottawa Art Gallery in Canada, his “process evokes a sensibility akin to action painting of the 1960s in the ways that it explores issues related to the body and performance. The artist integrates computer algorithms into his paintings, illustrating contemporary conceptions of the machine as an extension of the body. His process is shaped by chance and certainty, improvisation and script, affect and effect.


A “computer-generated visual output onto the canvas, where moving lines, patterns, sounds and swatches of colour guide his gestural brushstrokes. The resulting brightly coloured canvases feature undulating lines, swirls, and patterns dissolving into figurative forms.”

Incredible inspiring. I want one, congrats man! More here.

Photos by Kay Sakiyama and Mark Madhosingh


Eepmon for Dentsu


My paint throwing pal eepmon has just recently had his works installed at the Canadian branch of Japanese agency firm Dentsu.

Spanning 3 x 10.6 feet wide, eepmon’s work installed around Dentsu Canada’s exterior new office is truly realized in this proportion as every bit of detail is exposed– especially his Citylights series.

Called the “Dentsu Outdoor Gallery” (D.O.G.), this new gallery initiative is designed to feature Canadian artists from a broad range of disciplines including graffitists, mixed-media artists, illustrators, street artists, photographers and visual artists.

Way to go dude! More pictures after the jump…


The Opus Hotel: Vancouver

ext-l.jpg.jpeg phbed-l.jpg.jpeg

On my last night in Vancouver I had the opportunity (really, the pleasure) to stay at The Opus Hotel, located in the up-and-coming Yaletown district. I’ve stayed at hundreds of boutique hotels around the world and was really quite surprised with how well this property was put together and run.

The building itself is very well done and features 96 luxury guest rooms inside"“ each with all the top details and modern amusements you would come to expect. iPod docks, a great mini-bar (even with some oxygen if you’re feeling tired), comfortable modern furnishings, soaker tub in the bathroom, etc. And most importantly, a great bed! My room had a small but nice balcony that let in some fresh Canadian air.

Rooms are designed around five unique themes from modern and minimalist to daring and dramatic"“ with really everything in between. Each room corresponds with one of the personas from within their Lifestyle Concierge"“ a really great idea that gives you recommendations for your visit tailored to your personality and mood. The idea is fairly simple"“ 7 different personas that just about everyone can identify with. Into arts and culture and want to see what the city has to offer in those realms, check out Susan’s recommendations. Want to go off the beaten path? Billy’s the man, and so on.   Good for food, shopping, entertainment and so on.

I would definately give them a nod for an up and comer in the area, and a brand to keep your eyes on in the future. They’re even on Twitter!

Goodfoot: Vancouver


I popped into GOODFOOT Vancouver while exploring Gas Town today. Very spiffy looking space with a nice selection of the usual goods. Living in NYC certainly makes me spoiled but I found the selection to be pretty tasteful here. Some quick-strike Nike’s, Visvim, as well as a few very good looking Ransom pieces. If you’re in town it’s certainly worth the visit.

36 Powell Street
Vancouver, BC

Spearlocator: Headed to Vancouver

vancouver.jpg.jpeg I’m headed to Vancouver and then Whistler tomorrow for the week. I’m primarily out there to speak at a special industry session during the Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival but I have ample time to explore Vancouver and hopefully catch more spring powder if this snow keeps up. I’m looking forward to it all.

I’ve never been to Vancouver, crazy right? So– where should I go? Shop? Eat? Explore? I’m told I should also hop over to Vancouver Island and see some whales or run with the bears or something too.

If you’ve got thoughts please leave a comment below, or drop me a note. Thanks!

Lilly Lab

It’s not that us females aren’t attracted to some of the skateboard and snowboard designs out there, it’s just that some of them are a bit much. We’re not asking for our decks to be splashed with images of male models or anything — though we probably wouldn’t complain — but we’d appreciate some designs that appeal directly to our particular sensibilities. In the meantime, we have Lilly Lab to thank for creating a women’s line of apparel that makes us feel feminine without images of flowers and unicorns. So far, the site features just a few designs, including a tweeting bird, a banana peel, and their heart-filled logo. Even better, the shirts are cut to fit our curves, no matter how big or small they may be.

International Doc Challenge

Today will close the International Documentary Challenge 2009, a filmmaking competition that solicits the work of brilliant (and crazy) storytellers and editors racing against the clock to put together thematic work. After choosing from one of two assigned documentary genres like sports or music, the teams have had five days to put together their best entries for the chance to premiere at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival. Inspired by the understanding that "filmmaking tools are now so affordable that anyone willing to invest the time and energy to tell a story can do so," Challenge founder Doug Whyte of KDHX Community Media has been pleased to draw professional and amateur filmmakers alike, 80 percent of whom turn in a completed film by the hard deadline. The 12 films selected this year will join nominees from previous competitions, including docs about shopping carts, small town prostitution, and mixed music trading. Submissions are required to be mailed by 5 p.m., which is the same time that these video warriors can finally get some sleep.

Raymond Biesinger

I always love seeing artists who don’t come from a traditional artistic background. The Canadian illustrator, Raymond Biesinger, is one of those people. Even though he has a BA in European and North American political history, he has become a highly sought-after and talented illustrator. His work reminds me of classic European print illustrations from 60 years ago. Everything has a gritty and unfinished feel that is absolutely amazing. I loved clicking around Raymond’s site and checking out all his great work.

Pepsi's Musical Posters

It’s like a glory hole … for your ears. Our Great White neighbor’s metro system has become the testing grounds for Pepsi’s new musical poster campaign. Agency BBDO has devised an interactive ad on Canadian subway cars (currently 100 cars in Toronto and Vancouver) that allow you to plug in (headphones not included) and get a taste of some brand new music. Ok, so the mariachi guys, conga players, and team of kids who pop n’ lock in the middle of the F train had this idea first, but those b-boy urchins aren’t trying to get you to visit and download their artists. Where else can you find a captive audience that are all wearing earbuds?

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